Wednesday, October 6, 2010

new supplies

This week i am going to recieve some money for buying new paint and ( i can't believe ) new canvasses .

I am not kidding , the last time I bought canvasses was in 2001 , when this one was made .

I had money and bought endless meters .... so good .

This time I am going to buy only 2 meters but it is going to be enough , next month I'll buy more .

This painting I am posting is small now . but it was part of a lager painting .

In 2001 I did an exhibition in a gallery that was well recieved by the critics and public . When the exhibition was all done, the opening night had happened and interviews finished ... I got in crises and didn't know what would be my next step.

I remember that went alone to a friend's apartment on the beach . There I spent one entire week out of reach hiding myself fron gallerist and people in general as the exhibition was still happeing .

Drinking 2 botles of Jack Daniels a day and going totaly drunk to the local gyn for working out by the side of the blond pussys ( don't worry , i don't drink anymore ) had a briliant idea of what to do with my work and came back to Sao Paulo as fast as possible .

In the studio in my lovely ( so beautiful ) apartment at Vila Mariana, a neighborhood I loved so much , I created paintings that started hanged on the wall and kept going till the ceiling bending and going on dominating the ceiling . I can explain then now . Well, the following year I got poor and came to live in this house I am now ....

I didn't have how to keep the paintings that had done for this project and cut in pieces saving the heads . I had made 2 paintings experimenting this concept . I abandoned this and started to paint the ones that later I started to call "Sao Paulo" and were very well recieved at that moment wining lots of awards. See my book on Blurb to know what i am talking about . Funny thing : I didn't sell most part of my Sao Paulo ones . The best are still with me . The only one sold was bought by a guy that belonged to the counsil of the Sao Paulo's MAM ( Museun of Arte Moderna ) , I have no idea of what happened with that painting or that guy as I don't make politics and don't visit this kind of enviroment , but i am curious .

hahah!! oh my , what kind of post is this ?!! :

"Confessions of a decadent painter".

No ... come on. Cofessions of a raising new man ;) A new man that is going to buy new supplies .

* just a note to kill your curiosity :

What makes a man after two botles Jack Daniels in a gyin ?

Well... basicaly I fell on the floor ten times every ten minutes , throwed up on the machines and asked the phone number for the ladys .

i am such a fucking charm .............