Saturday, October 9, 2010

Now it is published: Alemão by Caio Fern . The best novel of this generation. Already a classic .

Now it is published: Alemão by Caio Fern . The best novel of this generation. Already a classic . is finnaly publised !! ahhh!! What a birth !!I am so happy , you have no idea . Even so when pushed the button to publish it I felt sad ... now the characters don't belong to me anymore , they are out there living their lifes and there is nothing else I can do. They are independent now . It is sad ... really , hahahah!! After months working with the characters I started to like then as they as they were here by my side . Title is Alemão as you can see on the cover with a photo made by Maren Wieczorek . The backcover was made by me . haha!! Is a book writen in English with a title in Brazilian Portugues that means German.Is this an edgy and polemic novel? Ahhhhh.... come on !!! How can you think that ? When something polemic have come fron me in all this time you know my work? I am gentle and inofencive as a sweet breeze on the prairie.It was all written and published in English."A love story between two characters that grew up together and decided to give up of understanding or belonging to the world creating their own values ans life style . The story happens in São Paulo city , Brazil and in a small town named Campos do Jordão , Brazil's inside country. Among crimes , sexual violence and ruined familys the novel exposes contemporary values by the point of view of who lives at the other side of the concept of globalization and new world. Alemão means German in Brazilian Portugues and the subject imigration of Germans to South America is an important issue for the characters . Writen by Caio Fern. 242 pages".Plus : after the novel I published on the last 6 pages a short tale named : Giny, Araucaria and the Mountain.... as the landscape is the same and the two characters of the short tale appear on the novel too. I have posted this short tale few times in many blogs , but now it is all revised by Sandy Gunderson. As all the book.I do hope you enjoy reading this novel , only for 9 dollars, a real bargain. thank you very much for all that have helped me on this book . Without help it would never exists .