Sunday, July 10, 2011

Because Fuck You, That's Why ------- Acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern 2011

I do think this painting is just perfect for what I have felt these last days.
I wrote yesterday these little text and posted about consolation prize and life in general.
Since yesterday I've been fine and in peace with God but still have the same feeling about all the rest.
One thing that got in my memory all this last week was this photo I found on Internet , I don't know who the author is.... the dog and the sentence " Why?...That is why " . I loved to think about how simple it is and I laughed a lot.
On this painting I tried to be as dry as possible , fast and ... well... this simple. I think I got. I got satisfied , I few hours ago and decided to post now after to spend the last 3 hours looking to it.
This is so my life and feeling now ... so faithful !

even so I see the photo and think it sucks.

this is what I wrote and posted yesterday:

"fucking consolation prize.
this is all I got my entire life... this is all God promises to me .
doesn't matter what happens, it is all too late..... consolation prize is my life while death bites my neck.
I wake up lost, everyday this pain in chest since I was a child.
what can you offer to me ? fuck you , it tastes like consolation and charity after all have crewed up. I gave my best , what did I get?
fuck you .
there is nothing life can do to me. I hate you."