Monday, May 23, 2011

today is your Birthday.

Today after to wake up I stared the mirror and said : HELLO SWEET PIE !!!!!

Happy Birthday old pale swollen corpse with a ridiculous mustache, more hair on the chin than on the shaved balls and with a horrible self-home-made haircut.

Happy Birthday not recognised loser painter with no money and a mediocre job that barely pays the bills. Hope you have fun today watching that stupid 3D Thor movie at a crappy Down Town's movie theater and buying a cheap birthday cake that only tastes like trans fat at the stinky supermarket on the way back home with that fat bitch that hates you and thank God doesn't want any commitment but is the only pussy you have to fuck closing eyes and imagining someone decent.

Happy Birthday ghost that posts in bad English because the people of your own country doesn't know you are alive and the few ones that know this want to see you dead.

Happy Birthday you that is one year older and 15 years late for everything in this useless life waisted with facts you don't even remember because was too drunk.
Hope you have many more years ahead and all your dream suddenly happen as magic.
And please don't get in trouble on the street just because you don't have nothing to lose. Remember that at least , even looking pretty sick, you are still irresistible and smoking hot and this is what matters, right? Right?!!!! Riiiiiiiiiight!!!!!!! Good boy.

And Jesus loves you, you bet He does. Everything is going to be all right. I am going to make things work.
Yes I am
Yes I am
I am so happy and full of hope now.

Ok, let's brush my teeth, shave the facial hair,take a long shower, use the best perfume , wear the best clothes, the best pair of shoes and face the day as shinny and sharp as possible. I feel I am a spiritual blade and will cut the destiny now. I will not let life kills me. I will take the world doing what I know: Being myself. Simple like that. And survive just for despite .