Thursday, February 3, 2011

I am an outsider saying : fuck you outsiders !

by Anne-Lise Coste .
Really , I ( Caio Fern ) don’t understand why have so many people saying it now .
When was art not professional in its all History ? The great genius and masters of all times were extremely professionals . And today , the irony is that the most mainstream artists on the main galleries , art fairs…. are saying this .
What is killing art are mediocre artists plus tolerance with it all plus academy that is infected by idiot hypocrite professionals and extremely stupid art collectors that believe in any crap buying it .
I don’t even put the blame on most part of the art dealers , the fact they are crappy people, the lower kind of human being on earth everybody knows , they will sell anything to anyone….
people that produces and buy art are the problem now .
and we must to really ask : Is there something really killing art ? Or only lots of mediocre people taking the place of the few brave good ones still producing ?
fuck off this “outsider’ speech . for the last 20 years everybody wants to have a punk attitude . what a common sense. This kind of people is very responsible to fuck my life and my carrier.
art needs real professionals … where are then … people that loves art and are competent ? people that really understand about art and make it happens !!!!
I need this kind of people in my life .