Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beautiful gardem lost again


comes and go .
where is the beauty now ? It was right here yesterday .
I lost it again .

live gives
life takes .

beautiful garden
I lost it again .

Not a surprised , I have been prepared to this moment for a long time . It doesn't make the pain easier .
Last time , the sweet sun of the late afternoon licked the leafs and colors with sweet silence and solitude. The smells took my arms and I could only walk with mouth shut among all the tastes of the golden molecules of air .
I knew it was a good bye and there was nothing I could do .

Life have offered me this
Now life have taken back, not judging if I've made good use or not .

If I could put together all the beauty that was present in my life , I could built an entire empire of fairy tales and Heavens.
But beauty vanishes from my life .
Water run towards distant places . Wind pushes me to opposite directions .

I can only focus on my mind now .
Where all the broken memories are kept as a fragile treasure of illusions .