Thursday, July 29, 2010

what a surprise.

the texture of implosions by reds under leafs is a she.
 passed her hand on my leg and i got so quiet that thought i had swallowed all the space around.

sundely the garden, so tiny and blind runs its nature towards my lips as an underground train was hiting my face.

what a surprise.
i didn't intend but i had to do her there or she would think and say bad of me.

was that a rape?
well... all the time a woman crosses her legs in front of my eyes I feel raped alread.
so, yes , it was.
i didn't intend , she forced me.

all the sounds that come fron the street doesn't touch my body and soul.
what happened made me remember the day i started a vacum on the floor.... all so heavy as hell grabed my muscles.
but i floted this time do not paying atenttion if she was smiling.
she only walked... went to her job, few nice words that meant nothing.
lunch time is over.

hope she at least tells to her friends. her roomate is a hot ballet dancer and i know i am good.
am i ? i don't know, i am the victim here.