Friday, July 16, 2010

slave of carnaval


yes , this is me 5 years old , carnaval ( i lived outdoors all the time , i was so tanned and macho , even my mustache was bigger than today !! ) , while she wants commitment i just want to have fun with a younger female , right ?
wrong .
i always hated carnaval , i was there forced , taking this picture forced , so i decided to give a smile of malice and hate , i remember very well my father forcing me to take this picture and telling me to smile , this is the best i got .
it is carnaval here in brasil now . in a country where decent people don't have freedon all the days of the year , on carnaval , the opression gets havier and umberable . is the time of the year when good people starts to think about suicide , leave the country or the extermination of this entire nation . i am going to spend these days praying for God save me and make me forget Carnanval exists .
ahhhhh.... here i am spreading joy again , hahahah!!
this old photo could be for Valentine's day too . no we won't have Valentine's day here in Brasil now because of Carnaval , just later .
so : people fron all the countrys : HAVE A WONDERFUL VALENTINE'S DAY .

and brazilians .... i am sorry for you , hope you survive this year .
Girls that don't have a boyfriend , don't worry , pay me a flight to your countrys , i am the warranty of a perfect Valentine's day , and you will be doing me a huge favor taking me out of this hell for these days .
( for a coincidence ( coincidence ?) , today i woke up singing the Johnny Cash 's song : I got stripes .
do you know ?
i got tripes... stripes on my shoulders ,
i got stripes.....
Let's all sing together !!
i got stripes.......)