Friday, July 16, 2010


Influences : ExpressionismO , Munch , Worpswede , uncontrollable incomprehensible LOVE by Germany and Norway's painting. God bless then all ! by Caio


Following this series of influences ( see the earlier post about punk albuns covers ) that i intend to post every wednesday .
To talk about influences for me is to be fair . Justice before all . And because i was never influenciated by what i believe , but by what i love .
So these posts about influence is my way to declare my love .

Now it is time to talk about the art that was so decisive in my life . Art responsable for the idea of to leave all i was doing in my live , carrier , and dedicate all my time to painting .
yes .... "Expressionismo" as i call here . No , i never considered myself as an expressionist , but only as a distant son of it .
when i was still a childen , not more than 5 , 6 years old , i had an ideal of perfect painting . It was a self portrait of the noruegian Eduard Much , dark and colorful at the same time ( the very first painting of this post ) . I used to say that any art piece that wasn't similar that work was a total waist ( when i was a kid , i had weird strong dogmans about art and tolerance wasn't in my vocabularie . weird because has no artists in my family and i didn't live in any enviroment where i could know or develop these concepts ) . In my mind that work was pure expression and pure painting and i had never heard about expressionism .
(Just a fast memory always comes to my mind : kind of on this age , around 4 years old , i was in the tv room with my father and on tv started to show about a local painter . When showed his process , i saw him drawing with a pencil on the board before to paint . I can't explain why . But i had an access of rage and started to beat on the tv , beating on my father that defended the guy , and i almost broke the tv . I started to cry and screeming that" to draw before to paint was a sin" . A SIN !! hahahahh!! I wanted to kill that "siner " . Why do i had this kind of opinion when i was a kid i don't know . But i love to remember this bizarre storys ). "
Okay , back to Eduard Much : 1996 , (me- 21 years old) i was working with photography , images made by computer and mixed media when opened an Eduard Much exhibition in Sao Paulo , i just knew his work by books and liked it . There are no Munchs in public or private colections here .
I went to the exibition do not expecting so much . I was tired alread of art exhibitions . It would be just one more in my life .
i didn't believe in what my eyes met there . Who was there ? the self portrait i had worshiped when i was a kid and forgoten for the last years . The entire exhibition was all i had always dreamed about : pictorial values , textures , themes ........ my home , my temple . On the first day i spent 7 hours there inside trying to memorise every single brush stroke . It was a small exibition , only 2 rooms and a corridor . I have the catalog of it still today , 18 paintings . The team of security staff got really concerned with my presence after the first 2 hours , hahahh! They got around me , just few steps , observing every gesture i did . I didn't give a crap for then . That was MY moment to meet the master . To say hello , to recieve love , beauty and learning .
The next day i went there again , spent more 5 hours observing details and the security staffs almost got a heart attack when saw me again !! hahah!!His work is present in every single paint i do . I just started to really paint in 1999 , so i got between 1996 and 1999 with all the Much's bush strokes printed in my brain . When i was in College studing Psychology , i used to close my eyes and remember "how he did that petal of the flower , how he did that nose on the lady's face , how he did ... " to be able to forget about the world around me and focusing on the books to study hard . God bless his soul for ever ! I have lots to tell about Eduard Munch in my life and what happened with me the times when i discovered one more work of him in some european museun . Maybe one day i make a post of tribute to him .

When i started to paint , my main interece was the Germans , not just the expressionists . But 70% of then were expressionists . As a matter of fact i hated all then , hated the fact they were so good and all i had in mind about what doing with my work , they had done already . And made much better the way i had imagined . hahah!!
I was a huge fan of Georg Baselitz . I didn't have money to buy one book of his work , and again , here in Sao Paulo we don't have any Baselitz in any collection . So i found a guy that was a horrible artist , very mediocre and annoying , just spent his time speaking about politic and human rights ( BLUAH ) the tipical hypocrit elitist , but he had a Baselitz book on his studio , and a wonderful Fluxus book too . So at that time , i used to get drunk , and for visiting this guy i stoped before on the nearest bar and drunk all my money could pay ( not too much ) . When i wasn't able to think , listen or care anymore i went to visit him ( the only way to do not be "molested " by his socialist speechs) . Sitting on the sofa with the book i looked at it as i was visiting a whore . Just me and the book , passion , exitment , and anything else . Learning every moviment , every color , every form .
But Baselitz is a contemporary artist .
I had passion for ... what i call : the first generation of the German Expressionism . And more than everything : WORPSWEDE ......... a dream on Earth .
Worpswede is a village set in beautiful countryside in Lower Saxony, Germany, near the city of Bremen. In 1889 the painters Paula Modersohn , Fritz Mackensen, Otto Modersohn and Hans am Ende moved there and founded an artists colony..... How i discovered then and it got in my life i am not sure . And it is perfect to do not remember , gets even more magic . God , please bless all then too . I love all then so much that i am losing my breath now and feeling like to cry .
I am not a fan of print making even with most part of my friends being printers and not painters , and inviting me so much for the last 15 years to start to print . But the Prints made by those artist in Worpswed transform your eyes in a institution of the soul for ever and nothing can be made to revert this situation . They produced lots of paintings and photographys too . Nothing there was mediocre . All briliant , incredible , breath taken , extremely beautiful , sincere and "magicaly so real " .
Other expressionist groups , more important for most part of the art critics but not for me :" Brücke" , and

"Der Blaue Reier" . Yes , i had for long moments observing their works , but learning much more about what do not to do in painting . It was too idealistic , too expressionist as a concept and not as a genuine expression .
Here i am posting some of my works where Expressionism appears in a very screaming and obvious way , and in one of then , my version of "The Jealousy " by Eduard Much i've done in 2005 , named " The other side of the world and I " . I didn't realised that it was a Munch copy till i have finished . hahahh!!
And i am posting the Much's self portrait i always loved , and other things i have here in home and make me proud .
There is 2 Baselitz works i've stolen fron internet , and what i could get fron Worpswede . As i don't have any book of it and the German institution that takes care of it ( i believe the name is "Institut fur Auslandsbeziehungen " , but i am not sure ) is an asshole and don't allow anyone to get closer of the works and the images . This institution just have helped to make the world don't have a real contact with it and make the artists get in shadow for the bigger public . I am pretty sure that if these artists were alive they wouldn't acept this selfish and narrow minded policy .
List of works on this post :
. THE Eduard Munch's self portrait that is in my mind sinse i was a kid .
. by Caio Fernandes 2007
. Caio Fernandes 2008
. Caio Fernandes 2004
. Caio Fernandes 2009
. 2 print versions of Jealousy by Eduard Much
. Jealousy by Eduard Much
. Jealousy by Eduard Much
. The other side of the word and me - by Caio Fernandes 2005
. by Caio Fernandes 2004 - totaly Much's influence .
. EINE - by Caio Fernandes 2004
. a fouder of a Worpswede's exhibition that happened here in Sao Paulo and i keep as was a winner lottery ticket .
. Hans am Ende 1895
. the cover of my favorite book " Eduard Munch in Chemnitz .
. 3 photos of Eduard Much .
. 2 paintings by Baselitz .
. then .... 1 painting and one print by Paula Mordersohn .