Saturday, July 17, 2010

MY APPLE VALUES - by Caio Fernandes

the freezing air sang a lost praying this night , darkness licked the core of my bones . slowly a tight roon of sadness was bilt around breath . a lonely pierce taste the depth of my chest .
weird sensation that for one minute God took off His Hand.
old window , kind of broken , blows a new gentle light . the winter day woke up before the birds and the end of the dreans . the breeze lifts my spine to a floor of shy smiles . green leafs are stil coming fron my skin . i have changed my blood cells for white , blue , purple tiny flowers .
i am a man with heavy axes on hands , and use this for cut every link that try to remains between me and this vicious world that dances primitivily around my house (when loose , this home sails over the clouds ) . i am here to protect who i love . my apple values . mein welt.
golden and silver shines lie on my fingers (sky caress) . i , exausted , sit donw . deep movements of heart sparkles in silence : be very welcome ... external light of the day , come and drink a white tea with me . i am going to paint , while the blue eyes of the cat get closed on my lap , and the blue eyes of my model stares at me , it makes me happy ( silly verses like this must to rhyme ) .