Thursday, July 22, 2010

hunting game and ballet .

Hunting Game, by Caio Fernandes 2010.

happy toes on cold floor smiling to the fresh breese that dances with the deep blue sky.
my expectatives listen if the water is ready for tea.

the dogs at the backyard predending that are sleeping together, they look like little lions... they want to make the cats get closer to jump on then. but the cats are hiden at the grapevine waiting the birds get closer to jump on then . and i am hiden behind the kitchen's door to jump on everyone and make then stop the hunting game.
- Go to find something better to do your rascals.

steps and spine in the silent routine of life ... wings fron distant waterfalls sing movements of clouds into my lips,mouth,jaw, a ballet of dreans that are going to be dreamed yet.

there is a misterious sensation of moisten earth in my imagination pointing distances and pretending to be a pillow for my silence.