Friday, December 28, 2012

Wild Life means a little yellow box. The Wisconsin- Bournemouth- São Paulo Connection.

So it means all started because I friend of mine sent a message from Wisconsin telling me about a deer who had died hit by a car in front of her house, the carcass was right on her front lawn and the county for weeks didn't send anyone to take it from there.  
Telling me this novel about how to make the county take a dead deer carcass from your lawn we talked a lot about the deer situation on the green state of Wisconsin. Go Packs !!!!!  
It got in my mind and I pretty much had to start to paint , for some reason painting is a tool I use to talk to myself.  
All the rest you saw on the earlier posts, for one month or more I have painted using the deer theme and writing about this particular experience : deer, painting, my life's story.  
It is funny, up there in the frozen Wisconsin comes news which touch me deeper than the facts surrounding my life here, in the hot tropics. And talking about tropics, I have tried to paint for four days... It is too hot to make any move, the canvasses has been prepared and all is in my mind, but when I get into my studio... ohh noooo... I only feel like to take an uber cold tea or fresh fruit juice. I am not complaining , it must to me an unconscious excuse to postpone the battle that is the act of painting for me . Ahhhhh... the frozen lands up north seem to be so tempting now.  
Sometimes is the extremely opposite that is able to show the truth of us and open hidden understandings.  God bless the extremely opposite of our particular and earthly nature.  

But the story doesn't end here. This friend of mine, Sandy, insisted a couple of times " Caio, here we don't say Stag, we say Buck".  
Yes, it is right and I intend to make a " Buck" painting one day, very soon. I want very much to do it as still have to dive deeper into this feeling.  
But let me tell the Stag Story : As you know English isn't my first or not even second language. Is it the third ? There was me, 2007, after have lived in London I started to travel by Great Britain till a girl invite me to live with her and her girl friend at her apartment in a lovely south shore little town named Bournemouth. I even got a two weeks job there in one of the dozens night clubs. The most expensive one named 2020, I got the black t-shirts and still wear it today, hahaha.  
One day coming back from the beach I had to pass by the down town as it was the way to the apartment I was staying as guest when I looked to the floor and found an used little box of matches which you see the pictures on this post.  
I read "stag", well my English skills are only  good for surviving and at the time I decided to read all Tolkien's work, starting by Silmarillion which I was reading exactly at the time, my idea was if my English sucks I will start to read this language by what everybody says that is very hard, hahahah, it didn't help me at all, as you can see .  
But  "stag", what is this?  Arriving at the apartment I took a dictionary and saw the meaning. That is the reason I chose to use this world.  
Remember... here in Sao Paulo we have absolute anything related with the deer culture. It is completely an alien and exotic concept for the local life style. So if I had the necessity to paint because of this subject and the stories told me from North, I would use the word I was familiar with as my only personal experiences with deer are from Europe and England. Even the paintings I made in 2008 and 2009 portraiting deers are from models I saw and photographed there in the old land.  
About this old box of matches, I took it with me all the way, it became my bookmark till today, started marking the pages of Silmarillion and all the books I have read since then. Yes, I have it by my side now and took these pictures a couple of days ago as I intended to post about, it would be hanged and glued on the painting I wrote the word Stag... but I decided to keep as a bookmark.  
It is pretty, isn't it?  
the deer photo was taken by Sandy.