Tuesday, October 16, 2012

C R U & R A W ebook (iPad iBooks format), 80 pgs by Caio Fern

C R U & R A W ebook (iPad iBooks format), 80 pgs 
…and today I released this EBook,Cru and Raw. It started to be made in 2010 and only finished in 2011, but as I published the Mein Welt book at the time the Cru & Raw was let to be posted later. Now I only published the EBook, and it makes me a bit frustrated, it is only allowed to show the first pages on the preview. But as long as I know you can download the book for free. Try it. When I publish the real version of this book it will be able to see all the pages for free, I promise. This book is about the rawest works of mine, most part drawings but lots of paintings and a couple of photos too. Yes, you bet I am proud. It is ironic, the rawest kind of art you can get being released by an EBook . Hope you enjoy the works…. and even the format.