Thursday, July 12, 2012

AmeriQuebeckian girl and a found Doberman

Let me start being a fucking gentleman as usual  telling you about Annie and her post on the blog " Jottings of an AmeriQuebeckian" It is about a Brazilian girl named Luciana and her experience abroad... on this post Annie does a little reference to my post on Mein welt.blogspot blog She calls it essay !!! wow, so far people have referred to the things I write as rant. 
See? You need a great writer to recognize another great writer. Thank you Annie. Your essay is beautiful and I am glad to be mentioned on it.  

Two day ago, or  three, I had to clean my studio and it was a very tight cleaning as it must to be done... let's say.... once a year or less. haha.  
But I loved it. was like a travel where you find great things that had forgotten.  
These last weeks I was sad because in my memory the works made during the year 2009 were very bad.! , for a long time I have only had contact with then by photos on computer and didn't look at the real ones.  
It was so good to see then and be in peace... they are wonderful... how did I paint those colors !!!! the photos suck... suck suck suck.  
But I discovered, or rediscovered painting from many years ago, 12, 13 years old.... they are like relatives to me , beloved relatives.  
I found this Doberman on the back of a very good painting, this Doberman must to be from 2004 and I was at the time doing lots of very small painting of dogs, flowers, and things like that ... all lost because were made on the back of canvasses used later for real paintings, or made in little pieces of canvasses just for fun and later went to the garbage can or were given as gift.  

ahhh.. what else ? I was walking on the street thinking and had so much to write about ? 
this is it. I give up... if I remember I write later.  

If you want to see more about Annie's poems visit . The blog is so good that even has Caio Fern's painting somewhere.