Thursday, May 10, 2012

extensions of my gestures, by Caio Fern .

among the shortest extensions of my gestures 
you hide your breath from me.  
... did someone stop to trust me here? how could it be any of us fault? 
i don't care from where your mute voice comes now. 
i hate distances as much as i ignore here and now.  
...and what else has our lives been if not conforming and settling for about where we are and not where we want to be? 
even by the longest extensions of my gestures 
nothing practical has been built. 
isn't a painful miracle that life has kept from us all the love apart?  
...... so i have used the brightest color to refer to your most private and noble nature.  
and it is important to remember i didn't get blind by the situation. 
any one of us are that brilliant about numbers and math but we must to make clear how many excuses must to be invented in order to create an escape.  
no excuses for us.
there is nothing to flee and this is what is making me really sad.  
there is nothing to avoid and there is nothing to do.  
there is nothing to fix , there is nothing broken.  
this is all just not viable.  
all the strength of my gestures will never change it.  
this is all just not viable. 
this is all just sad.