Saturday, December 10, 2011

I confess I've been a bit satisfied

I confess I’ve been a bit satisfied lately with my work ( of painting ).

I believe that I have condensed elements into a more focused way of expression.

The intention towards the works never was to represent anything, but to express the feelings generated during the process of the individual having to deal with itself.

I try to avoid the description of ideas, facts and concepts, what is hard to do when it is about figurative painting, and more, representational art….. as I don’t intend to represent anything, only to use the external light reflected by skin and its volumes on my own face as model for painting.

The real intention behind the works is producing expression by itself. Expression of individual issues behind the struggle for self development and self improvement, but making the artwork to become as independent as possible from the author on its feelings, life and destiny.

I always believed that pictorial values by its plots would be enough for all my needs. But during the whole year of 2011 I focused on composition of the image as a way to increase the conversation among an intention of anti-space, pictorial values, and the viewer.

The intention of denying the external space where the main figure is the only subject is still there and got a new and deeper level of intensity now. It opened the possibility to explore with more efficiency internal spaces found into the individual nature and its process self-discovering and fighting to become reformed, remodeled. Even so one of my earlier concerns was the doubt if exploring more internal spaces the image would naturally spread all over and lose its focus into itself. But I am glad to report that by a not so big effort it didn’t happen, as a matter of fact was the opposite, I have never been able to develop an image into itself as I’ve done lately.

I still have some issues to solve that haven’t made me totally satisfied and again for being able to reach what I need I will have to turn my attention to the improvement of the pictorial values always having in mind I can not lose the achievements obtained my the improvement of the composition.

The problem of the composition is creativity. I always saw creativity as an obstacle and diversion for the purest form of self expression. As I said , pictorial values should be able to deal with all my needs of expression and make the work be able to live by itself. But I confess the creativity demanded by the efforts for composing an image has given me a bigger offer for exploring internal territories and has made easier to deal with the image, maybe creativity is an escape from my main target. I don’t know if its is a phase or if it is another characteristic of my work’s nature that is coming to stay definitely. I say definitely because these characteristics aren’t new, you can observe then on the whole trajectory of my work with more emphasis on the years of 2001 and 2002. But I believe that on all the periods it has appeared in a more or less obvious way.

So in fact I didn’t produce anything really new on 2011, only improved or got more aware of characteristics I have denied for years or simply didn’t feel the necessity to work so hard on it giving the attention I think now it deserves.

Why Am I writting this? I had nothing better to do, was looking to the watch all the time, now it is 21:26 , time to leave.