Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hallo Welters that I love so much !!!!! How have you been ?! I have spent the last weeks doing nothing ... well almost nothing. So I am here today only to say this . well... I took care of my aquariums and my project to develop perfect ecosystems in closed environment..... I must to say that I am very proud of the results. I am going to post here two very very short texts I recently posted on my Tumblr... one sure is written by me and the other, the animal rights one, I only reblogged and I don't know who wrote it. But i am totally pro and I believe the author won't mind if I spread the word.... even because it was said millions of times. I hope to be back soon with paintings, visiting the blogs and maneging my beautiful glorious land Mein Welt. Tchau !!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------about Japan, yes I got sad , sure…………..but what makes me get upset as a matter of fact is…. similar tragedies happen in Latin America all the time and nobody cares, the news don’t talk about , people don’t want to donate nothing …….. we have to deal with all this alone, but if Japanese , Americans, Europeans or rich countries get some tragedy everybody cries and donate millions. You see celebrities on TV saying bullshit and starting campaigns… yes , it is right , people have to do something to help and care… but only when it happen with the richest?Don’t the poor deserve any real consideration ?The truth is that we South Americans are building your lives and economies with nobody’s help…. as a matter of fact , with the entire world playing against us all the time for decades….. and now some South American Countries as Brazil are among the main Global economies…… so……. What kind of relationship do the rest of the world intend to develop with a country that has international influence on global politics and economy but have never received any kind of help from anyone? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Animals on fur farms spend their entire lives confined to cramped, filthy wire cages, and fur farmers use the cheapest and cruellest killing methods available. Foxes, minks, coyotes and rabbits – and even dogs and cats – are bludgeoned, genitally electrocuted and often skinned alive for their fur.Despite knowing about the suffering that goes into every fur-trimmed coat, hat, and bag, MANGO has made the cruel decision to continue selling the skins of dead animals in its stores.Tell MANGO executives that you’ll boycott the clothing retailer until it stops selling fur for good.Many of MANGO’s competitors and other top retailers – including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap Inc., H&M and Forever 21 – have stopped selling fur."The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated"Mahatma Gandhi