Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekly News von Mein Welt. Subvertion and art market.

Welllllllllll, there are any really new news but this logo above is going to be the one used for news here.Any news except the fact that you must to have seen this week my work appeared on the art sites Booooooom ( thank you Jeff ) and The curious Brain ( thank you Michael ), see the link on the post below. Arthoes opened its doors too and now you can find many new artists including me ( Thank you Syd ) . Again see the posts below. Other day had an art critic screaming on twitter :” Subversion where have you gone?” . This guy only cares for art market and its politics, even his little art production only talks about the little NY art world, it isn’t even art talking about art, is art talking about market. You know who I am talking about.And it isn't art , is illustration , we must to give the proper names to the objects. I sent a link to him with my work and he blocked me from twitter after see and read a little bit. I must to say , he was even very nice and polite. really !! hahahah!Any idea of subversive, outsider, underground , alternative…. belong to the elites now.Real hard work artists that produces with sincerity giving the life for this …well…. we have ourselves.I don’t need labels of this world.SubversionSubversion in art , don’t worry , it is happening . We don’t have a such strong feeling of this because today has too many things happening at the same time and most part are mediocre. Other thing is when we think about subversive, Art History facts and names come to our mind in a very condensed way giving the impression that in the past lots of innovative things were happening all the time . We always talk about past as it was very intense . And it was , but for short moments , most part of the time events didn’t happen so fast one after the other. Don’t worry , innovations and subversion are happening. But What I want to know is…… what do people “want” to call and consider subversion and why they believe that need this so much? Isn’t any idea of subversion too well established and acceptable for the mainstream culture ? Too 20Th century ? I mean, the dumbest people I know are pro to any concept that presents itself as a subversive act. Why ? It happens even more in the art world. What is very contradictory. Art world always present itself as searching for innovations , vanguards, subversion….. but is the most conservative ”world” of all…. everything that happens on the visual art world happened decades before on music, cinema , then literature….. and thennnn….. ta da !!! Arrives at the art world landing as a really innovative ideas. It doesn’t represent the History at all but at least the last decades. So what people really want with this glamorous idea of subversion ? Pose ? An excuse for all the mainstream life they have had ?Other think I have seen .... it always existed but now with internet has been more intense, frequent and easier to detect.There are basically two kind of artists working and showing the works. I have called then : " The imposed artists" and the "growing artists" . Imposed artists : The ones that arrive to the public by the hands of curators, art dealers, critics .... by institutions, galleries.... They are imposed to the public , "experts" convince the viewer what is good , what must to be seen, what must to be bought and what must to be felt or thought. Growing artists : The ones discovered by the public, today by internet, alternative spaces for exhibitions of unknown or young artists... This ones are what the public wants to see, wants to buy and live with. They can even get popular but never will be exhibited on art institutions or "important" galleries because they weren't discovered by the specialists, exists lots of proud about this subject. A curator will never accept to exhibit an artists that was discovered before by the public and not by an specialist of the same social circle... doesn't matter how good is his work. The idea of calling then "growing" inst because their works are still growing , but because their popularity with the public is always increasing. Hope it all changes .. a more human and accessible art is necessary.

On Tumblr Mein Welt was already accused of “light”satanism and nazism…. hahahha!
What ?!!!!

this is funny , sad , but funny , lie , but funny.

Let then think this :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!