Saturday, July 24, 2010

tiny coins.

Tiny Coins .
by Caio Fernandes . 2010.

the cold breese and silence of the night gets into my house, it is almost 10:00.

fingers tasting colder licks fron the air turning the bones in songs about the South Polo .
uhh... shiver! hahah! so good.

so good.
i don't know if i go to pee or order a pizza.
i feel no remorse for do not going out tonight.
i need silence and solitude.
this is what "me" needs.
here in my confortable dark cave.

scrating thoughts of unreal possibillitys, all the waves of my chest prepare to dye atoms biting the dreans the cats offer sleeping around.

"Hi! I'd like a vegan pizza. You have my adress already in you system.
Yes, Caio.
no , no change, i am going to pay with tiny coins ( i always smile when i say this )
15 minutes ? ok thank you".
this is what i would say if i ordered... but not , i am going to save my penies today.

now i am going to pee.

i feel as i was looking to an old relative all the time i remember about my coins inside that dark drawer. it is so cozy.
always have the wish that opening it all the tinny shinny coins will explode as an ornamental fountain and spread all the light reflexion all over the house.
but it seems that pennies don't reproduce like that. they should be like rabbits.

walking in my house , up'n'down the stairs.... only the light of the aquariuns up... is when i am invided by green memorys of unknow places i have built into the palate of my eyes....
for so many years i have felt it coming. incresing , improving....
will my feet get ready for this one day?

"oops , pizza has arrived".
is what i would say now if i had ordered.
one more night eating potato, sauerkraut and soy with all those mad spices.
hahah! i am a saint.
apple cinnamon with white tea. YES!!

good things are coming.