Friday, July 16, 2010

leave a message after the beep - by Caio Fernandes 2010

leave a message after the beep - by Caio Fernandes 2010

the space flaps among vacuums of my chest .
a piece of red absence hiden into my pocket . i take out my pants .
my lips could reach the atoms of bright dreams moving behind wings of white light now , that i have learned about the diference between images fron heart and feelings fron imagination ......
so why don't i have all the taste melting completely on me ?

the fast moviments of low clouds revel montains before surronded by a green soft atmosphere ...when the golden sunshines touch the trees on the top , the montains start to dive into the sea in silence .
the predominant clear blue of this subtle dance licks my forehead flirting with my spine .

destiny , as birds in spirit with hound's nose , tracing the next galaxy to hunt and the next bless to take .
a soul climbs the emptiness , both exist towards the same target ......
the space flaps among my chest , the dusty table and furs of fragil sensations .

you know what ? i am going to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S 's dvd and eat pop-corn . happiness is coming anyway , i just have to trust and relax . if the phone starts to ring , the machine will say i am working on my next painting , leave a message after the beep and thank you very much !