Friday, July 16, 2010


i woke up today an made this list of things i like about me and my life .

fingers slide nightfalls of sensations as chains of crystal water geting broken in silence .
i open the window and the air was still blue virging by the morning .
so thin and easy to breath . .............

in a spiral of solitude all the pigments embrace the cold .
sutil day light lay on the bed .
again , and for the last time , i feel her cheap perfume taking place .
my dick is so exausted that i realise has no flesh on me anymore for be consumed by any femme .

wow! why are my arms , shouders , spine trembling ? why am i so empty ?
it is the beguining of a new day ! shouldn't i be renewed ?
i see all the women of my life embracing my legs as it was a shelter on these sheets , devoring my skin , bones , muscles .
get out your devils !! leave me alone ! i dispite you all !!!
i want to walk
i want to go to those clifs far away that i have discovered a long time ago , blessed by God by the fact that i had no one near to share .

why am i raped by spirits ?
why am i raped by my own needs ?
the sound of the filter of the times is geting louder , even so is just able to be listened if i pay attention on this engine .
i pay , i've payed .

i like the taste of pizza in the morning . i like the way women laugh when taken fron behind at the kitchen . i like to ignore art . i like to imagine flowers where is impossible to grow then . i like to emabassing myself in front of strangers . i like to listen Napalm Death loud watching the videos clips of Lady Gaga . i like the smell the fashion magazines . i like the idea that exists a place where you can kick mouths berafooted in the total dark . i like to live barefooted but hate having my feets durt . i like to tease women with absolut no responsability as i was on control , but then , they make me lose control . i like fresh tap water . i like pork meat even being vegan . i like that my Italian side of the blood makes me so helpless weak for PP . i like to explain to people that PP means : Pussy and Pasta . i like to have a nazi answer for everything . i like to truly believe i am a cat into mans body . i like to say all the writers are stupidy and have any real talent . i like to say all the artists are a bunch arrogant blinds believing that are able to see more than the other mortals . i like sauerkraut . i like sauerkraut with apples . i like the idea of geting married with an apple . i like Dijon mostard with strawberry ice cream . i like to see people get fucked by their own stupidity and say : well done . i like to say : "hate to say i told you so " . i like to be a retarded about math . i like to do not have a car in a city where you HAVE to have a car . i like to go to birthday party of the sons of my friends and be the only adult man that is single , has long hair , has no belly , that don't watch news on tv , don't understand about or follow football , don't talk about business , don't understand absolut nothing about cars , don't drink bear , don't eat the barbecue , don't travel on hollidays to those cheap places full of fat familys , bad arquiteture and hot dogs . i love to say i hate my country . i like to spend hours making a long a list of things i hate about my country and at the end realise it would be easier to say : i hate absolut every single thing ( i do this all the time ) . i like to wear women perfume . i like the way a woman starts to stink on bed after a couple of hours and exercises . i like my broad shoulders and the muscles of my chest ( i am really proud ) and the way they give me power . i like to be arrogant . i like to know one day i am going to go back to the lighted green warm sea and dive naked among the colorful reefs as i used to . i like to be sure that one day i am going to live in a cold montain with a big boobed woman that the only word she knows is "submission " . i like to buy the lottery ticket every week and always say : ohhh... i can feel this time i am going to win . i like to wave and send kisses to the high school girls on the side walk . i like to flirt with their mothers at the supermarket . i like to walk the dogs on the very cold nights . i like the fact my dogs look like cute drops of heaven but all the time someone aproachs doing that little voices "ohhh , look at then , they're so...." they bark , bite and fight scaring everyone around . i like to take shower and have on the clean warm cloths with the body still wet . i like to say that art is the biggest illusion and lie created by the man to people that say art is a sublime important thing and is in all the moments of our lifes ( is that the reason life sucks ? ) . i like to don't like to sin but when i sin , i sin for goooooood . i like to read Genesis and the New Testament every day , but have ignored all the Old Testament for the last 15 years . i like to worthship Jesus Christ in all its forms . i like to say that i was bourned to paint but i don't like to paint . i like the smel of pussy when i wake up . i like the smell of my dick when it smells like pussy in the morning . i like ALL the Ramones songs of all albuns with no exceptions but i like to say my favorites are " I don't care ( about this world about that girl )" and " I don't wanna be tammed , I don't wanna be learned " . i like the fact that i will never learn to speak correctly english , german and spanish .
i love , LOVE to make useless long lists of likes and dislikes , loves and hates , and hang on the wall of my studio as it was the most dogmatic truth on the Universe and believe that one day someone will add this on the Bible before Apocalypse .