Sunday, July 25, 2010

i will try a berry life

i will try a berry life
by Caio Fernandes, 2010

i am too lazy and have no ingredients for making and baking my own bread, i am going to the nearst bakery and buy a wickbold.

the sun isn't gentle on the streets, lifting the breeze far fron me. the morning was so cold and good to live... but now!!wow!

berrys dance fresh in the bown and some even scaped jumping on the table.
naught berrys think that just because are pretty and tasty can make a mess in my house.
okay, yes they can.

if i were a tinny purple rabbit would fly over the roof at late afternoon and sparkle.
but as i am a tinny blue cat i am going to sleep on this sunday afternoon waiting the night comes up and look for some adventure in the gardem.

i don't remember very well what is a gardem.
but if i am not wrong
gardem is a secret place that only exists among the moviments of the combination of hands, hearts, earths and skys in bloom.

in bloom.... this is a good lifestyle, i will try more times a berry life.