Friday, July 16, 2010

extinct kinds of molecules want a new life . by Caio Fernades

extinct kinds of molecules want a new life .

my left hand over my left thigh . my right hand searching internal shines that scape to the air .
than my right fingers passing through my left fingers . cells of stars fall fron all over .
it is embarrassing to have the dna of light and don't see it .

- what you're looking for is inside of you
- i always knew that , but i don't find a way .

she prepared the tea and served me in a very ornamented cup , delicated porcelain . blue and pink drawings . details of gold . hot hot hot, smelled like flowers ..... aroma of windows . wide opened ones . increasing beautys inside me . but i got empty . i couldn't touch that . as the space inside my chest was infinite comparing with everything around .

what is a man suposed to do when its own nature , the best nature , is out of reach ? how can i bring this up and live with .....?

God God God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God God God......................

extinct specimes of molecules left crystal impressions on ancient memories that i don't know how i am carring .
but they are here inside , are part of me . they are older than me . i don't know what to do with this .
a bless
a puzzle