Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All the way, love - inspired by Skip James' songs

All the way by Caio Fernandes 2010.

under the dark pants, coloful socks
behind the murder's face, praying for Jesus
where is her pink perfume and skin? is behind the pine trees beyond the sea ....

because i belong to Jesus, i belong to Jesus , i belong to Jesus
all the way... all the way, Lord
He is my Lord, all the way.

He took my love, He took my love, He took my love
fron this way... fron this way, Lord
He saved my love, fron this way.

i stay here for we both, only leave when He calls me

i carry our both burdens, i carry our burdens , i carry our burdens
all the way... all the way , love
stay safe in heaven, waiting for me , love, all the way.